At Sarkissian Interiors Inc, we know that making the decision to remodel your home is a big step and can be somewhat frustrating. We will use all of our knowledge, experience and skills to assist you in this process and help to make this as simple and stress free as possible.

Our SERVICES can be summarized into the following:


You speak, we listen. We work closely with every client, regardless of the size of the project to solve all of the problems they want us to solve. Our main focus is on ensuring that you get the services that you desire and once all is clear we move onto the next step.


After we have listened to what your needs are and ensured that we will be able to satisfy these needs, our experienced designers will work on producing complete plans that specify every detail. Taking all factors into consideration such as function and form, choice of style, color, material, equipment and budget. We continue to listen to your concerns and try our best to address all of these, and once you have approved the design we move onto the next step.


Once approval is received for the design we will coordinate with you to schedule all installation. From start to finish there is open communication, you will know exactly what to expect. Our staff are all professional craftsmen and we understand the inconvenience an installation may cause and will work our best to be in and out as soon as possible. Mr. Sarkissian personally oversees all projects himself and no job is considered completed unless it receives a completion approval stamp from him!